Essence, Queenstown

An urban design proposal for high density use of the existing Lakeview Holiday Park site including commercial and residential development ranging from luxury to affordable housing, and reserve design.

Best practice urban design principles were utilised in the design process to create a high quality and vibrant design proposal in conjunction with a large consultant team, and then presented for consideration by Queenstown Lakes District Council.

A large number of mature douglas fir and oak trees exist on the site.  The conifers restrict use beneath due to shade and needle drop.  A series of boardwalks within a sculpture park was proposed for these areas.  The successful balance of built form and open space, commercial and residential use, visitor accommodation and permanent residents, economic viability, pedestrian and vehicular requirements and the range of residential standards provided many design challenges.

The mix of contrasting uses was embraced to create the structure for a vibrant urban community.  A theme of contrast was adopted and guided material and plant selection such as light and shadow, timber and stone details, native and exotic plant species.