St Andrews Park, Queenstown

St Andrews Park is located above Frankton Road in Queenstown.  The project includes a 70 lot subdivision with a public recreation reserve, streetscape design and sensitive solutions to the re-alignment of a watercourse.

Consultation was undertaken in conjunction with the project team with DOC and the ORC regarding the creek alignment to create a suitable environment to promote wildlife and water fauna, and to slow the water flow during peak times.  A series of waterfalls and ponds was used together with native re-planting to achieve this objective.

The design for the reserve was inspired by the 150 year old protected Wellingtonia tree.  The native planting pattern represents the bands found in the cones from the tree, and the circular patterns represent the bands found within the trunk of trees to show their age.  The tree also inspired the logo for the site which was repeated in design elements throughout.

An extensive streetscape plan was implemented including street trees, lighting to council standards, street furniture and crossing points.