Takitimu Residential Subdivision

A 19 lot subdivision on the rural Southland coast including streetscape design, reserve and barbecue area design, and children's playground.

Located in an exposed area of Te Wae Wae Bay the establishment of any planting in this harsh environment was going to be a challenge.  In conjunction with an ecologist a palette of native plants was selected, with the most tolerant and hardy plants used to shelter smaller plants as they were establishing.  The planting has been very successful and is now thriving.

The design was influenced by the local legend of the Takitimu waka which was sunk in Te Wae Wae bay, and which provided the theme of the deconstructive nature of the sea and its affect on man-made structures, coupled with the local landscape pattern of straight lines of shelterbelts planted in flax.  A wind-blown flax logo was developed for the subdivision, and used throughout to create a sense of identity for the residents and visitors.  A giant waka tail sculpture was installed at the entrance amongst native planting.